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Divorce, Dating & Marriage
Sharing my favorite books, websites, apps, & podcasts... 
Date or Soul Mate?:
How to Know if Someone is Worth Pursuing In Two Dates or Less

The Ultimate Guide to Dating Wisely. Tony gave me this book when we began dating. I thought it was going to be dorky BUT it was full of wisdom. After being divorced twice, I needed help choosing the right spouse and not wasting my time dating the wrong men. In the last chapter, Dr. Warren shares his eharmony website where Tony and I met. 

My Favorite Oily Supplies
Everything you need to make your favorite DIY recipes!
My favorite carrier oils, books, bottles, and more...
Whimsey & Wellness
Not your everyday oil bottles.
I love the quality and beauty of the rollers and spray bottles.  Especially for making my own perfumes.  So many styles to select from.  The bottles are perfect for gift giving too. 

Bamboo Top Roller Bottles
Take your Essential Oils on the go!
I love the look and quality of these Bamboo Roller Bottles.  They are one of my favorites when making rollerballs for gifts. 

Bamboo Dropper Bottles
Perfect to use with essential oils, perfumes, DIYs, massage oils, etc...
I LOVE using these frosted bottles for my DIY Face Serum.  It is a perfect match with the Bamboo Roller Balls for Gift Giving.  You can purchase these in a 4-pack or a 12-pack.  

Year of Plenty Glass Droppers
No more holding your oil bottles upside down and shaking.
Have you ever tried to get Vetiver or Myrrh out of the bottle? This is an amazing solution.  Also, I add these toppers to my empty 5 and 15ml bottles and create Diffuser Bombs.  Message me if you need recipes for a Diffuser Bomb.

Essential Oils Storage Shelf
Oils storage racks - drawer organizers

Keep your favorite oils at your fingertips. I love having one of these drawer organizers in each of my rooms.   When our oils are conveniently located we will use them.

Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil
Moisturizing Hair, Skin and Carrier Oil
When you make Roller Balls you will need a carrier oil.  Coconut Oil is the go-to for DIY Roller Balls as well as diluting essential oils if needed.

USDA Organic Rosehip Oil
100% Pure | Natural Cold Pressed Unrefined Non-GMO | Organic

Rose Hip Seed oil is amazing when making DIY face serums.  Rose Hip is good for more mature skin.  I will use this in the winter when my skin gets more dry from the cold air.

Thayers Unscented Facial Toner
Gentle Face Toner
This is the perfect toner to make DIY room spritzers or anything that calls for Witch Hazel.  I prefer unscented when using this in my DIYs

16oz. Glass Spray Bottles
This size is large enough that you won't have to constantly refill it!
When you LOVE using Thieves Cleaner having a good spray bottle is a must. I always have these on hand for gift-giving and I keep one in the kitchen as well as the bathroom.

Continuous Spray Bottle
An ultra-fine mist that distributes evenly. 
I prefer a continuous spray bottle for my Room Sprays.  The fine mist from these bottles makes them perfect for a room, bed linens and pillows. This is also a wonderful way to apply the YL bug repellant.
Supplement Field Guide
Your guide to Young Living's essential oil-infused supplements, written by a clinical pharmacist.  
If you are wanting to learn more about the quality of the YL supplements or which ones your body may need, this book covers it all.

Oil & Glass Recipe Book
Using essential oils has never been easier.
This book covers everything from supporting your immune system, body woes, skincare, household, children, garden, and pregnancy, to emotional uses, and more. When I make gifts for my family and friends many of the recipes come from this amazing book.

How To Cook with Essential Oils
Learning to cook with Vitality Essential Oils can be simple & fun.  
I LOVE cooking with Vitality Essential Oils.  I don't always have fresh herbs on hand.  When I have Vitality Essential Oils in my kitchen I can whip up a delicious salad dressing at any time.   Send me a message if you are needing Vitality OIls to cook with. 

Menopause Essentials
The Ultimate Guide to Optimal Aging
This is the ideal book for women who want to prepare for perimenopause, through the woman in late menopause. There is scientific backing that supports the use of aromatherapy essential oils and herbal medicine to provide menopause and aging relief. 

Nutrition & Fitness
Some of my favorite workout clothes and at-home fitness equipment.
High-Waisted 7/8" Yoga Pant
I LOVE the pockets and they come in many colors!

I am very selective about my workout pants. I have several pairs of this brand. It is important to me when I work out that I don't have to stop and keep pulling up my workout pants. They stay up well. They run true to size. I wear a small.

ACTIVE Workout Tank Top
Breathable Mesh Racerback
I have this tank in several colors.  It washes well and runs true to size.  I wear a size medium.  I am short-waisted and I like my tanks a little shorter.  The material is giving so I tie a not in the front to make it a little shorter.  Love this tank.

Hydra Cup 4 Pack Shaker Cups
20oz shaker with wire whisk balls for blending.
I love the colors and wire whisk for easy mixing protein shakes, etc... 
(I even use this for my salad dressings.) These bottles are BPA-free, phthalate-free, and are 100% dishwasher safe.

Prescription for Nutritional Healing
A practical A - Z reference using nutritional vitamins, minerals, herbs and food supplements.

I have used this book over and over for ideas on healing the body. Includes proven strategies and the latest science to arm you with the best natural therapies for your health. 

Resistant Loop Bands
Includes a carry bag and set of 5 bands
It doesn't matter if I am at the gym or at home I LOVE Loop Bands. They are so convenient for a total body workout.  They are inexpensive and great for travel too.

Hand Weights
Amazon basic neoprene hand weight set
I always have hand weights at home. It doesn't take any time to do a 10-15 minute workout. Squeeze in a few of those per day and you have a great workout. Start where you are and build up from there. We need to lift weights. Muscle helps burn fat! I can help with weight selection.

Weighted Cordless Jump Rope
Suitable for most ages and fitness levels.
I never was good a jumping rope. This makes it a piece of cake without the calories. lol. I LOVE the weighted handles. This jump rope is perfect for travel too.  An amazing and fun way to get in some extra cardio.

Resistant Band w/Padded Handles
Includes storage bag and suggested workouts
I have taught many fitness classes using Resistant Bands. Resistant Bands are amazing to help strengthen and tone the muscles and the core.  

Includes (2) coated kettlebells (10 lbs & 15 lbs)
Kettlebells are a great way to switch up your workouts. Great for upper body strength and toning.

Kitchen Helpers
Sharing my favorite recipe books, kitchen tools & organizers
Heavy-Duty Pan Organizer
2-pack, durable and no assembly required
I LOVE cooking with iron skillets.  This 5 tiered organizer is sturdy and works great. There is a non-slip silicon mat at the bottom so it doesn't move around in your cabinet.
Swedish Dish Cloths
Reusable compostable kitchen cloths
The first time I used Swedish dish clothes I was amazed.  I have used many brands of dish cloths and I LOVE the fact that these are reusable and biodegradable.  When they need washed I toss them into the dishwasher.  So simple and cost-effective.  

Salad Dressing Shaker
Includes a wire whisk for perfect blending
If you know me at all you know I LOVE making my own salad dressings. I keep at least 2 homemade dressings in my fridge at all times. Message me if you are in need of delicious homemade recipes.

How To Cook with Essential Oils
Learning to cook with Vitality Essential Oils can be simple & fun.  
I LOVE cooking with Vitality Essential Oils. I don't always have fresh herbs on hand. When I have Vitality Essential Oils in my kitchen I can whip up a delicious salad dressing at any time. Send me a message if you are needing Vitality OIls to cook with.

Against All Grain
Danielle Walker ... Meals Made Simple
I am not totally Gluten Free.  But, when I was working on my gut health I needed some new recipes.  A friend suggested this cookbook. It has been amazing. Working on our gut health is so important.  This book is loaded with goodness.

Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper
100% pure silicone and BPA-free
Everyone loves popcorn but the store-bought is loaded with added calories. We love creating our own flavors of microwave popcorn.  You can use Olive Oil or a small amout of real butter. Then we add flavors from using Vitality Essential Oils.  Let me know if you need a link for Vitality Oils.

Amazon Clothing
A few of my favorites that won't show your belly or make you look like you came from the little house on the prairie!
V-Neck Ruffle Sleeve Blouse
Cute summer into fall top. Fully lined.
I will be honest. I have this in several colors.  This top is fully lined and made very well. Even though it has short sleeves this is cute with a denim jacket for fall into winter. I wear this in a small.

3/4 Sleeve Lace Trim Cardigan
Available in several colors and pairs well with all things!
This light weight sweater cardigan is made well.   I ordered in a medium and that fits me well. It also comes in several colors. 
Love this with jeans for fall into winter.

Women's Casual Tank Top
Sleeveless twist knot waffle knit top
Another one of my favorites.  This is so comfy.   I wear this under a denim jacket and it looks amazing.  Yes, I have this in a couple of colors. I wear a small in this top. It is also a little longer in the back and I love that. (I am short-waisted).

Women's Casual Plaid Pocketed Long Shacket Coat

I have this in a size small and it is still roomy.  This is made very well and washed up well.  This comes in different colors. It's a great staple for fall into winter. 

Clear Crossbody Purse
This is the perfect purse to take to your sporting events or anywhere that you will need a clear purse.  It seems to be made well and you have your choice between two straps.

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