More About Colette...

I've got a huge heart for mentoring Christian women who feel ashamed, lonely, and unlovable after divorce. For 15 years, I was a successful psychologist counseling others on how to find love and happiness, but I drove home every night sobbing because my home was empty, without children or a mate.

I longed to be a mother, yet I was 36 and childless. I would spend the nights and weekends alone with no prospects and no way to find a husband. I also suffered from chronic pain for thirty years.

Fast forward... I retired from my psychology practice, married my dream husband, Tony, became a step-parent, conceived our 2 boys in my late 30’s, homeschooled our children, and started a home-based business.

More About Tony...

I am an optimistic, bible-centered husband and father who has learned to persevere through major changes with peace. I was educated as an engineer and project manager and now apply those skills, along with much real-life experience, as an entrepreneur and natural health advocate.

While overcoming divorce, single parenting, emotional trauma, and a heart attack, I discovered how to heal myself, develop healthy relationships, and thrive in marriage and business.

I recently retired from my 9-5 government job in December 2022 at the age of 57 to work full-time with my beautiful wife Colette.

Colette & Tony's Story Together
We both had independently decided to surrender our situations and trust God. We then met on (an online dating platform), after a series of divine appointments.  We entrusted our relationship to respected Christian couples for guidance. Our first kiss was on our wedding day. At ages 37 and 39, Colette was able to conceive two boys, but not without some infertility issues and heartbreak over miscarriages.

Although we had found each other, life had beat us up, so we had to walk through a journey of emotional and physical healing together. That journey taught us the importance of spiritual mentorship and a healthy mindset that ultimately led us to a thriving, naturally healthy lifestyle that brought us great success in marriage and business! Now our mission is to help divorced Christians overcome loneliness and find a loving spouse without feeling shame.
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