It's just as important what you put on your body as what you put in your body.

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Ten years ago, we made a life-changing decision for our family's well-being. 
We learned that wellness means more than just being free from illness; it's about researching the ingedients that companies are allowed to put in our everyday household products and deciding ourselves if those ingredients are, in fact, safe. 

During this journey, we discovered that woman are exposed to over 100 harsh chemicals a day. These toxic chemicals can affect a women’s hormones and fertility and can even be passed onto a child during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Google endocrine disruptors. You won't be happy. 

What are some of the offenders allowed in our every home and personal care products so that companies can make huge profitsFormaldehyde, phthalates vocs, sodium sulfate, ethanolamines, triclosan, and fragrance. Most are unregulated and untested by the FDA for human safety. 

To empower ourselves, our family, and our friends, we compiled an AVOID LIST based on the negative reactions these chemicals could cause in our bodies. This allowed us to make informed choices about what ingredients are ACTUALLY safe instead of blindly trusting corrupt corporations.

While we encounter many uncontrollable situations, it's empowering to know that some aspects of our lives are within our realm of control. We were excited to find some affordable and safe solutions to this dilemma and we want everyone to have this information so they can protect themselves. 

We're here to help make wellness simple. 
We offer complimentary consults and a free guide to help you choose wisely.

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