Introducing the 14-Day Reset, an exclusive "reversing inflammation" program designed for our community.

A decade ago, my husband's heart attack led us to completely transform our eating habits, resulting in a lifestyle that effectively reduces inflammation. Our trusted doctor guided us toward a high protein, low carb diet for Tony, along with a liquid supplement to combat inflammation. The success of this regimen is evident in Tony's consistently excellent bloodwork over the past 10 years ... no need for any medications. Beyond its anti-inflammatory benefits, our program helped us shed excess weight, improve sleep, and boost our overall energy. Chronic aches and pains disappeared, leaving us feeling more vibrant and healthy than ever before.

Extensive research reinforced our understanding that inflammation is the root cause of various diseases, from diabetes and cancer to heart disease and weight gain. We reject the notion that age-related conditions are inevitable and instead emphasize the profound impact of nutrition on inflammatory responses. For the past decade, Tony and I have shared our knowledge and helped others break free from chronic conditions by transforming their diets and lifestyles.

My most recent success story involves losing 20 pounds as a 57-year-old post-menopausal woman. Despite a setback during a major house renovation in Florida, where stress led to unhealthy eating habits, I regained control by recommitting to our proven approach. With Tony's support, I prioritized high protein, low carb meals, adhered to a specific eating window, and resumed the use of our inflammation-reversing supplement. The results were remarkable—20 pounds lost for me and 22 pounds for Tony, with sustained success.

If you've faced disappointments with diets, pills, or plans that left you hungry and frustrated, the 14-Day Reset offers a genuine solution. We believe in the power of real, whole foods to transform lives. Our methods incorporate scientific research, traditional wisdom, and common sense health habits that have been proven over time to be effective. 

Here's what you get by joining the 14-Day Reset:
  • Weekly meal plans with detailed recipes for every day.
  • Accessible at-home workouts suitable for all fitness levels. They can be modified to be harder or easier.
  • Clear guidance on supplement and water intake.
  • Daily nutritional coaching in our Exclusive Private Portal and Messenger Chat.  Also, feel free to text me any time. No more question marks.
Here's how it works:
  1. Express your interest by messaging me with "I WANT IN THE RESET" to discuss your goals.
  2. Upon ordering the natural supplement, I'll invite you to the facilitated RESET PORTAL and provide all necessary information via email.
  3. You will watch Daily Lives for coaching, ask questions in our community, and benefit from the support of fellow RESETTERS. Win a prize!
  4. You will have me as an accountability of partner. I am going through this program too, along with hundreds of other like-minded individuals. Joining a program like this is so much more fun when you can do it with others!
If you're ready to:
  • Transform your body, health, and happiness.
  • Eliminate brain fog and reduce inflammation.
  • Say goodbye to diets and reduce the risk of disease.
  • Achieve sustainable weight loss through real, whole foods.
  • Regulate insulin levels and experience improved energy.
  • Break free from the weight loss roller coaster.
  • Enjoy better sleep and a general feeling of joy.
  • And finally have the body you want...
Then the 14-Day Reset program is for you. Let's work together to achieve your goals. To join, simply message me with "I WANT IN THE RESET" to initiate a discussion on ordering the supplement. Rest assured, this supplement is entirely natural and safe for everyone, derived from whole foods.

Either way, we love you, and we are here for you!
xo, Colette

Note: Before starting any new exercise or dietary program, consult with a healthcare professional. 


  1. I’m interested in being added to the group, purchasing the juice and supplements and moving my body. My goals are to release the brain fog and 10 pounds.
    Colette Polignone AUTHOR  01/30/2023 01:49 PM Central
    Hey Lady! I got you ! Coming right up! Look at your messages! 🎉🎉🎉
  2. Love to know more and the cost of the program please
    Colette Polignone AUTHOR  01/30/2023 05:38 PM Central
    Hey Kim! I sent you a message to get you in the group! Now I'm down 15 pounds and Tony is down 8! Whoot whoot!! See ya' in the group! Starts Feb 6th!
  3. Hello I would like to know the ingredients of " the juice " and also any other supplements used in the program. Thankyou
    Colette Polignone AUTHOR  01/25/2023 11:04 PM Central
    Hey Angela! I will send you a screenshot of the ingredients via messenger.

    No other supplements needed!

    I just found it’s on sale through 1/31!
    15 % off!!

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