Colette Polignone, Ph.D.
Member Since August 2015
Young Living Gold Leader

Colette is a holistic wellness coach, mom of two and is absolutely obsessed with helping people return to their innate state of abundant wellness. She found Young Living in 2015 at a book table at a retreat. A couple of drops later, and life would never be the same! Her passion is teaching motivation and mindset to those who are ready to pursue their passions. 

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Beth Decker
Member Since Dec 2016
Young Living Silver Leader

Beth is that person who loves to inspire and serve. She is a mom to 8 adult children and a grandmother of 20. Her heart is to create a world where her friends and family thrive in wellness and love. Young Living was an obvious choice when she learned about it. Now she's the resident team expert on aging gracefully and oiling up children!

Amy Hedderly
Member Since April 2016
Young Living Executive Leader

Amy is a herbalist and holistic health practitioner. Her passion is helping others learn how to live a natural lifestyle. She loves finding herbal remedies for everyday issues, teaching truths about how the body works, and recommending what the body needs to function properly. She is our resident DIY (do-it-yourself) expert and loves to make cost-effective concoctions for body care and much more!  She is an awesome cook and loves to share her favorite whole-food recipes. She has taught many of us how to muscle test so we can find our own answers. She is a homeschooling mom of 7, living on a farm, and loves to share her parenting tips. Amy loves to serve her community and is one of the best educators on our team. She has helped hundreds find their 'balance" & natural solutions to health.

Chris Gamble
Member Since Sept 2016
Young Living Executive Leader

Chris is a calming and gentle influence on our team. She is a mom to twins and married to her husband, Chris, a high school teacher. She is an excellent teacher and our expert on mediation and the Aroma Freedom Technique.  There is nothing like Chris's calming voice at the end of a long day to make you feel better. Her enthusiasm and consistency make her a dream to work with. Chris is trained in Reiki and yoga.

Dar Pendergrass
Member Since Sept 2018
Young Living Executive Leader

Dar keeps our team on task and organized. She is the Director of Human Resources at Johns Hopkins Hospital and is married to her sweetheart Nate. Her heart is to inspire others to find an OOLA-balanced life where her friends and family thrive in faith, fitness, fun, field, family, friends, and finance. Dar discovered our team of oilers by a "happenstance" meeting on an airplane where she sat next to Beth and was given a bottle of Stress Away! Now she's our resident team expert on YL Beauty School and OOLA Balance! Dar is a certified Oola Balance Wellness Coach.



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