Hi, We're Colette & Tony!
Welcome to our little corner of the web! We’re so glad you found your way here. This is the place where we’ll be sharing all about our transformation from being lonely ashamed divorced Christians to a thriving married couple. 

You will find dating and marriage tips, resources, and stories of lessons we have learned over the last 2 decades, all while starting home-based businesses and raising our family! Here’s a bit of background about each of us.

Here's What You Can Expect From Us
We are Christians who each went through 2 painful divorces before we met each other. . . We were nearly destroyed by those bad relationships, but we feel like we “cracked the code” and figured out how to climb out of that hole to find each other and have a happy, thriving marriage. 

From that experience, we are committed to helping divorced Christians get what they want. Overcome loneliness, find a loving spouse, and have victory over the “community shame” often associated with being a divorced Christian.

We understand how you feel... You’ve likely received tons of advice on how to cope. Most of it does not work. We’ve been there and have come out of it with great success. 

We have a little more work to do to fully launch this series. CLICK HERE to receive updates. You will find hope and resolution as we teach you our foundational pillars for a life-changing outcome.
  • Find hope and peace as you persevere
  • Overcome the trauma from multiple failed relationships
  • Cope with childlessness and single parenting
  • Understand your identity and purpose
  • Upgrade your mindset 
  • Overcome loneliness
  • Heal emotionally to prepare for a healthy spouse
  • Find the right Christian spouse
  • Sustain a healthy marriage
  • Transform from surviving to thriving 

Overcoming Loneliness

There was a period in my life when I thought loneliness would kill me. I received tons of advice on how to cope. Most of it did not work. So, here’s my (I think much better) list! 

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